Sunday, May 5, 2013

Vintage style weddings

Rule of thumb is that something vintage is anything designed or made more than fifty (50) years ago but less than one hundred years ago. Any object created over 100 years ago is considered an antique. A vintage feel to a wedding has become more and more popular lately. There are a lot of brides who work with white milk glass pieces to achieve that look. I wanted to branch out from that and design flower arrangements using some alternatives. I've scoured antique shops, thrift shops, consignment shops, and flea markets for some different ideas. What I've found are soft colored ceramics, Depression glass (which comes in a variety of colors including green, pink, and blue) and pressed glass (patterns pressed into glass in molds). A “Shabby Chic” look would also have a vintage feel. In home decorating you think of distressed furniture and French linens. But at a wedding I think more about a look with a feminine touch or with tea stained accents, mismatched patterned linen patterns, and lots of white and soft colors like beige, sky blue, and mauve in ceramics. Worn garden items and lots of roses are also favored Shabby Chic elements. Art Deco was a movement that began in Paris in 1925 and spread to America by the 1930's and was most popular in the 1950’s. It is a symmetrical look more than asymmetrical. This style is often characterized by rich colors, bold geometric shapes, and lavish ornamentation. A calla lily is a perfect example of an "Art Deco" flower. Typical vintage flowers would include: Queen Anne’s lace, hydrangea, daisies, freesia, dahlias, and African violets. I've used wide open Campanella roses and Queen Anne's lace in a bouquet example on my table. My typewriter is a perfect vehicle to use to "write" a welcome letter to your guests or to display a menu.   I have filled a tall glass vase with rounds of thread.  Vintage linens are peeking out of a vintage style flower bos.  And I've used one of my many wooden soda boxes to hold flwoers in old Coke boxes.  All of the items and linens in the photographs are available to rent to my Whimsical Welcomes' brides.  If you have any questions - please send me an email at

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