Monday, October 26, 2009

Katie & Dave - Festive Fall Flowers

We had a wonderful time creating fabulous fall arrangements for Katie and Dave at Columbia Station. No job was too big for Katie - who carved out tons of small pumpkins for candles and ran around collecting so many of the fun elements that we used. I couldn't have done it without her. And the results were worth it!

Katie's bouquet was made up of Circus roses and two types of mini gerber daisies and Circus roses plus bits of preserved, brown eucalyptus. Dave's boutonniere matched one of the gerbers in her bouquet.

Plaid wrapped bouquets of hypericum berries and Circus roses for the wedding party. Groomsmen wore bouts of roses and fall leaves.

Possibly the cutest flower girl basket ever. I found these "pumpkins" at a buying show and they were perfect.

Heart shaped ring bearer box with "rings" in the center. Just adorable!

Pew decorations of Circus roses and bows.

Hard to believe that Anne's pictures could be even worse than mine but here it is. The containers are made of birch angel hair.

Reflexed Circus roses sat on red acrylics in bowls on cocktail tables.

We filled a basket belonging to Katie's grandmother with fall flowers flanked by two of her candlestick holders as a memorial. What a lovely idea Katie.

A vase containing layers of dried beans and filled with branches, dried eucalyptus, red rover mums, and craspedia sat on the placecard table.

We decorated the head table with vases for bouquets, pumpkins, and lots of candles and leaves.

We designed three different centerpieces for Katie's tables and incorporated pumpkins into each one. We found some great brown metal containers that we filled with an array of fall flowers and sprigs of fall pumpkins. The second centepiece of fall flowers sat atop a bowl of small pumpkins. And for the third, we used tall branches from which we hung LED lights and silk leaves. Katie carved out the pumpkins for the surrounding votives. Good job Katie!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Kara & Kurt - Sunflowers Galore

Kara and Kurt held their wedding at Tyler Arboretum in Media. It was the first time I had worked there. What a beautiful setting for a wedding! Kara wanted to incorporate less formal flowers - such as sunflowers and other "gardeny" flowers - into her bouquets and arrangements. We added black through various ways including ribbon. Her color pallete was bright yellow and black - with accents of bright colors - which really brightened up the patio area underneath the tent. Although what really brightened up the wedding was Kara's beautiful smile!

Kara carried a simple bouquet of just mini sunflowers tied together with a black ribbon and bow.

We added a touch of color with spray roses to Kurt's mini-sunflower boutonniere.

Bridesmaids carried a mix of colorful flowers plus mini sunflowers. Groomsmen wore boutonnieres of Viking mums.

Kara and Kurt's daughter was their special flower girl. We made her a basket of silk sunflowers filled with sunflower seeds which she tossed as she walked down the aisle. We made her matching halo with fresh Viking mums and black streamers.

They held their ceremony underneath a huge old tree in the field at the bottom of a hill. We made ceremony arrangements of snapdragons and sunflowers in tall tin pails that Kara purchased. A touch of black ribbon was added to them. Kara bought and painted the tables we used to hold the pails.

We filled tin buckets with mini sunflowers and hung them from our hangars with black ribbon.

Kara wanted "natural" looking cocktail table arrangements so we filled her mason jars with grass, sunflowers, asters, and delphinium. They looked perfect on the outside tables.

The vase for the placecard table arrangement was filled with sunflower seeds. So naturally we designed the flowers on the top with mini sunflowers and Viking mums. I love this arrangement.

We made low centerpieces for half of the tables. Kara made damask mats for the vases to sit upon. In these pieces we used mini sunflowers, Viking mums, and gerber daisies. The vase was filled with black gravel.
Tall pieces included some brightly colored snapdragons in addition to the sunflowers and Viking mums. We filled the base of the vase with black gravel and "planted" a sunflower inside.

We finished up with sunflowers and Viking mums on the cake. And even though it rained a bit after the ceremony, the flowers provided plenty of sun.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Sarah and Joe - Magic at Manor House

I do have to say that Sarah is one of the most talented brides that I've ever worked with. She was very involved with the details of her wedding and created some wonderful things with which to decorate Manor House. I hope to get pictures of the wreath she made for the door and the letters she painted for the entryway mantle. She does beautiful work and I'd hire her in a minute if anyone needs a special craft made for their wedding. Plus she is a lovely lady as well!

Sarah's bouquet was so "happy" - just like Sarah! It was made up of dark pink roses, orange roses, dark pink mini gerbers, orange mini gerbers, and bright green hypericum berries. We tied it off with a sash of bright pink ribbon. Joe wore a boutonniere of a dark pink rose surrounded by an orange wire halo.

Sarah's bridal party carried bouquets of brightly colored gerber daisies. Groomsmen wore boutonnieres of orange roses surrounded by green hypericum berries.

Brightly colored arrangements framed Sarah and Joe at their ceremony.

The placecard table arrangement was a bright mix of pink, green, and orange flowers plus a lot of swirly ting ting to add some fun!

We used lime green "rain" in these squares that sat on the cocktail tables. Inside we placed bright pink gerber daisies and added more swirls of orange ting ting.

This arrangement is probably my favorite because it was truly a collaborative effort between Sarah and myself. She painted the pot and made the "balls" of yarn in her wedding colors. I added all of the flowers. I just love how this piece turned out. It looked so bright seated on the ledge in the entryway fireplace.

We put an assortment of flowers in various bottles that Sarah collected on the mantles in the livingroom.

The sweetheart table was decorated with roses and pink hydrangea used in the table centerpieces.

We did a variation of a centerpiece in the same types of flowers, but in different colors in vases that Sarah wrapped in ribbon. So pretty and colorful!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Stephanie & Gary - Willowy Walking Sticks

Stephanie wanted a wedding that reflected a more natural look in a color pallete of orange, white, and green. She also wanted to make use of the "walking sticks" (corkscrew willow) on her mom's property, so we used them in as many places as possible, including her bouquet. Other flowers included roses, dahlias, Ladies Mantle, calla lilies, stock, and stephanotis - because she's Steph! Gary also wore a calla lily boutonniere. We also incorporated other natural elements such as pheasant feathers, river rocks, and equisetum.

Bridesmaids carried bouquets of orange roses and hypericum berries. Groomsmen wore boutonnieres of green roses with hypericum berries.
Bolingbroke was the perfect place for Stephanie and Gary's wedding. It has such a lovely area for a ceremony and really beautiful grounds. We decorated the railing with long baskets of asclepias, stock, and walking sticks to further enhance Stephanie's natural looking flower ideas.

For the entryway, we created a large arrangement of tropical greens, asclepias, Chinese lanterns, walking sticks, and pheasant feathers supplied by Stephanie's mom. I love this design.

There are several fireplace mantles in Bolingbroke. We aligned squares of river rock and lilies in the entry way. We created a more formal arrangement of flowers for the livingroom mantle. And Stephanie created the mantle decorations in the Library with a great vase of walking sticks of course! And she covered the Diningroom mantle with framed pictures of Gary and her.

Stephanie collected an array of small bottles. We used a variety of flowers in them to decorate the cocktail tables.

We made four different types of centerpieces incorporating orange, green and white flowers as well as walking sticks.

And as a finale, we touched up the cake with orange spray roses and green button mums. The combination of colors was so bright and cheerful - just like Stephanie!