Monday, January 23, 2017

Kelly and Jim - Once in a Blue Moon

Blue Moon refers to a year in which there are 13 full moons instead of 12.  And for Kelly and Jim, a "blue moon" fell on the date of their wedding, thus becoming the theme for their happy event.

Kelly chose a color palette of white, pink, blue, and gray for her wedding.  Her bouquet reflected her colors by using pink Asian lilies and white lisianthus with white waxflower.  The stems were bound in blue ribbon.  Jim's boutonniere of stephanotis reflected the shape of Kelly's lilies.

Kelly's five bridesmaids carried bouquets of pink/white alstromeria combined with darker pink lisianthus.  Groomsmen wore boutonnieres of pink lisianthus.

We made large arrangements of white, pink, and blue flowers on pedestals for the wedding ceremony.

For the cocktail hour under the tent, I used a mixture of garden flowers in cute, small pink vases.

Constructing the placecard table arrangement was definitely a joint effort.  Kelly made the stars and moon to incorporate into my flowers in a navy blue vase that I had.  I love how this piece came out.  Her placecards naturally show the moon!

I used gray birch pots to hold an array of color appropriate flowers on several of the guest tables.  The rest of the tables held three sizes of cylinders holding curly willow supporting floating candles.  Kelly collected the vintage dinner plates upon which they are sitting. I love the moon Kelly designed for her table numbers.  Looks like Elliott and ET should be bicycling over it! 

The flowers on the sweetheart table resembled a combination of the two guest centerpieces - flowers in a vase of curly willow.  Sweet!

I am a terrible blogger.  Life just keeps getting in my way.  But the lateness of this blog in no way minimizes how much I enjoyed working on this wedding and with Kelly.  Her details really made the overall "look" of this wedding.  Best wishes to both of you!