Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Mary Lynn & Todd celebrated their Fall wedding with a really fun beer theme at Merion Tribute House.  Fall is such a great time to plan a wedding with so many available - and inexpensive - flowers to choose from.  We ran with red, burgundy, yellow, orange and purple thoughout the wedding.  First, Mary Lynne's bouquet was made up of strong Fall colors including lilies, leucadendron, and trachelium.  Todd wore a boutonniere of hops and hypericum berries.

While Mary Lynn carried lilies, her attendants carried bouquets of Peruvian lilies (alstromeria) in the same colors.  Groomsmen wore wheat with their berry boutonnieres.

For their ceremony, the couple had barrels brought in that bore their name and wedding date.  I thought they were awesome!  I made large arrangements to sit on the tops of the barrels, presentation roses for the Moms, and adorned the aisle with wheat and Fall ribbon.

Collections of craft beer bottles sat on cocktail tables, while the placecard table held a large flower arrangement.  Guests were seated according to which bottle cap they were assigned.  I loved the card holder that was used for this wedding.

There were two different sets of centerpieces.  One set was made with  a growler provided by the couple with an accompanying glass bottle in wire.  The second set was made up of a pair of glass bottles in wire of different sizes.

For the cake, I used touches of Fall flowers to decorate - simple and sweet.

 Mary Lynn and Todd were absolute sweethearts to work with.  Mary Lynn did a wonderful job with her details.  She was so knowledgeable about beer and hops, that I referred another one of my brides to her for help!  What a great couple and what a great wedding!  I wish you many years of happiness together. Cheers!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Tara & Alan - Love in the Library

Even though the bride lived on the West Coast, it was still fun to plan this wedding with her.  First up - color palette:  gray, green, yellow, and white.   Location: The Free Library of Philadelphia.  Theme:  Books.  I love it!  And what do you do with a theme like that?  You turn books into vases of course!  But first things first.  Tara's bouquet was a beautiful blend of yellow and white flowers with white anemones included!  Alan wore a matching mini calla lily boutonniere.

I brought out the gray in the bridesmaids' bouquets with bits of thistle.  Groomsmen wore boutonnieres of craspedia and thistle.

The ceremony was held in the Rotunda in the library.  I didn't want to design something that had a distinct front and back, so I made pomander topiaries for the room, which can be viewed from any direction.  Perfect for the location!

I added some "bookends" to a lantern sitting on a table which greeted the guests in the Rotunda.

Cocktails were served on the roof while the Rotunda was turned over for the reception.  Tara made some really clever "vases" for the tables. She decoupaged colorful paper along with a scene from either Seattle or Philadelphia on it.  They were all different and all so cute!

Placecards were bookmarks designed by Tara.  I think the picture of the two of them behind their books is just perfect.  I raised the flowers on the table by stacking books underneath them.

The first thing that came to mind when designing this wedding was that I was going to create vases out of books!  Glenn was skeptical, but up to the task.  So he scooped out thick books that would fit my inserts.  I stacked that book on top of a couple others and voila - a container for flowers.

My second idea was to use books as the bookends with flowers in center. Old fashioned library cards were used as table numbers.

And lastly, I made some tall pieces for the tables since the ceiling was so very high.  Table numbers were attached to old books.

I just made a couple of small arrangements for the sweetheart table to carry through the color theme.

This was one of my favorite weddings to work on.  I just loved focusing in on a theme and carrying it through.  The bride and her family were so helpful with collecting books and working out the details of this wedding.  I think everything came together so beautifully.  Congratulations to Tara and Alan on their marriage!  You're off to a great start.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Amy & Jamie - Fabulous Felt Flowers

I LOVED LOVED LOVED this wedding.  Everything about it. I loved the bride.  I loved her hidden talent.  I loved the venue.  I loved the colors.  And I loved how the flowers turned out!

Amy decided on a color palette of green, white, and blue with touches of lavender and purple.  Amy's bouquet contained  a wide variety of flowers including Picasso calla lilies (my favorite calla lily) and purple lisianthus - my favorite flower.  Blue was represented by simply adding pins to the stephanotis.  I love that!  As per Amy's request, I added a wooden bracelet around the stems.  Jamie wore a Picasso calla lily boutonniere.

Bridesmaids carried lavender, green, and white bouquets.  I used the lavender cushion mums for the groomsmen.

Meadowlands Country Club has a gorgeous outdoor space for ceremonies.  I love the fountain.  In front of it, I placed two pedestals holding mossed, wire urns full of green, white, lavender, and blue flowers.  Down the aisle I filled my rental white baskets with lavender and white flowers.  Such a pretty setting!  A lot of the outside plantings at the club included white, lavender, and purple flowers - it's like we planned it that way!

When I said that Amy had a hidden talent, I meant it.  She creates daffodils from felt and material.  So naturally, I put her to work.  I filled glass squares with wheat grass and three of Amy's daffodils for the cocktail tables.  Look how many she made!  How cute are these?

I used a replica of an old, old dark green urn for the placecard table.

One of my favorite things about this wedding was how open Amy was to ideas.  We utilized some pretty unique containers for this wedding.  Some tables sported green mason jars of flowers.  I used some wonderful green crocks that I had for one third of the tables.  And for the rest of the tables we used some fabulous green jugs spraying flowers and grass!

I placed two small, green ceramic vases on the sweetheart table for a touch of color.

Thanks so much to Amy and Jamie for having me help them with their wedding flowers.  I had a great time working with Amy and was so pleased as to how everything came out.  I wish the two of you much love and happiness!!

Monday, January 23, 2017

Kelly and Jim - Once in a Blue Moon

Blue Moon refers to a year in which there are 13 full moons instead of 12.  And for Kelly and Jim, a "blue moon" fell on the date of their wedding, thus becoming the theme for their happy event.

Kelly chose a color palette of white, pink, blue, and gray for her wedding.  Her bouquet reflected her colors by using pink Asian lilies and white lisianthus with white waxflower.  The stems were bound in blue ribbon.  Jim's boutonniere of stephanotis reflected the shape of Kelly's lilies.

Kelly's five bridesmaids carried bouquets of pink/white alstromeria combined with darker pink lisianthus.  Groomsmen wore boutonnieres of pink lisianthus.

We made large arrangements of white, pink, and blue flowers on pedestals for the wedding ceremony.

For the cocktail hour under the tent, I used a mixture of garden flowers in cute, small pink vases.

Constructing the placecard table arrangement was definitely a joint effort.  Kelly made the stars and moon to incorporate into my flowers in a navy blue vase that I had.  I love how this piece came out.  Her placecards naturally show the moon!

I used gray birch pots to hold an array of color appropriate flowers on several of the guest tables.  The rest of the tables held three sizes of cylinders holding curly willow supporting floating candles.  Kelly collected the vintage dinner plates upon which they are sitting. I love the moon Kelly designed for her table numbers.  Looks like Elliott and ET should be bicycling over it! 

The flowers on the sweetheart table resembled a combination of the two guest centerpieces - flowers in a vase of curly willow.  Sweet!

I am a terrible blogger.  Life just keeps getting in my way.  But the lateness of this blog in no way minimizes how much I enjoyed working on this wedding and with Kelly.  Her details really made the overall "look" of this wedding.  Best wishes to both of you!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Michelle & Jordan - Subtle and Soft

Now is as good a time as any to blog about Michelle and Jordan's wedding since it was in the LOVE section of today's Inquirer. What a wonderful surprise to see Whimsical Welcomes mentioned when I sat down to read the morning paper. Michelle loves baby's breath so we heavily incorporated it into the bouquets mixed with pink flowers. Jordan's boutonniere was made up of white lisianthus while groomsmen matched the bridesmaids' alstromeria. I thought the bouquets were so pretty - soft and romantic. Thank you to Michelle and Jordan for having me help with your wedding flowers! And thanks for the acknowledgment!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Amy & Keith -

Amy and Keith's wedding absolutely ranks in my Top Five Favorites!  Not only was Amy a dream to work with - but I can't tell you how much fun it was to work with Amy's Dad.  He is an exceedingly gifted woodworker and "finder of cool things!"  If I had an idea - he made it happen.  I loved, loved, loved working with this family.  And now you'll see why.

Over the internet Amy and I started kicking around ideas.  She asked me if it was okay to bring her Dad to the meeting, which of course it was.  We started tossing around more ideas.  If you've ever worked with me, I've been told that I get a look in my eyes when I'm working out something in my mind.  So, I would get that look - and Dad would say "I can do that".  I found my perfect collaborator.

Amy's color palette contained blues, purples, lavenders, yellow - which gave it a pop - and periwinkle which allowed me to use agapanthus - which I love!  Since Amy loves sunflowers we primarily used those in her bouquet with a touch of white gerbera and the other colors as accents.  I wrapped the stems in a combination of burlap and twine. Keith wore the smallest of the mini-sunflowers with a bit of agapanthus added to it.

In keeping with the sunflower theme, bridesmaids carried bouquets made up of just sunflowers and liatris.  Groomsmen wore Viking mum boutonnieres.

I made silk flower pomanders for the adorable flower girls.  Wonder-Dad made a wooden fire engine for the ring bearer to carry.  All I had to do was add ribbon and rings.

The ceremony decor - to me - was the piece de resistance.  When I suggested building a garden fence - Dad jumped right on board!  He searched for - and found - old watering cans, boxes, and barrels to stage in front of it.  I added some baskets of flowers to the fence. And Dad topped it all off with a gardening hat.  How cool is this?  It's the best ceremony decor ever in my opinion.  I added bits of Baby's Breath and burlap to the chairs to finish it all off.

Just simple sunflowers on the cocktail tables under the tent.


 Amy and Keith are both music teachers.  So naturally I wanted to do the placecard piece in a musical instrument.  So once again, Dad to the rescue and he found a saxophone for me. Perfect!   Old keys told guests which table they were at.

Amy chose to have four different centerpieces.  I placed fresh flowers in the glass and wire containers. The second set of centerpiece logs were carved out by Amy's Dad.  The combination of glass in wire and little logs with flowers were also made by Dad.  And lastly, the wooden lanterns were made by Dad.  I added daises and river rocks to the base.

I used two of Dad's little logs for the sweetheart table.  Check out the fun toasting glasses.

Dad found this adorable watering can, so we used it on the bar.

I used a combination of daisies and asters to decorate the wedding cake.  The toss bouquet is in the background.

Amy and Keith's wedding was a joy for me work on.  I loved the exchange of ideas, the teamwork, the colors, and this family.  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your very special day.