Monday, November 28, 2011

Jessica & George - At Amazing Aldie!

Jessica and George were planning a wonderful wedding at Aldie Mansion in Doylestown. Jess had chosen a color palette of orange, purple and white which I thought came together so beautifully. She also coordinated so many wonderful details for their special day. Lawn games were spread out all over the broad expanse of Aldie grounds. And her dessert table was made up of four different adorable cupcakes spelling out "LOVE". Soooo cute! I placed floating, light up water lilies in the fountain. And her table frames/photos/names were so cute that my future daughter-in-law bought them from Jess for her wedding.

Jess' bouquet was made up of ivory roses, orange sweetheart roses, and white mini calla lilies. She looked gorgeous! And George wore a matching calla lily as his boutonniere. Loved the purple ties!

Bridesmaids' wore dresses of light purple and carried bouquets made up of orange dahlias, purple statice, and ivory spray roses gathered in a more casual style.

I made boutonnieres of safflower and statice for the groomsmen.

I created a large "branch enhanced" placecard table arrangement for the Great Hall. Flowers included roses, safflower, and stock. Rose petals separated the rows of cards. Because Jess named her tables after places, she added a "map" to this table so that her guests had an easier time locating where they were sitting. A great idea!

The sweetheart table was enhanced by three vases of purple and orange flowers topping some fun white bubbles.

High flower arrangements of roses, carnations, hydrangea, and larkspur were placed on top of tall glass vases and contained purple hydrangea. White bubbles inside the glass were lit up with underwater lighting.

Low centerpieces were made up of white bubbles with either purple or orange flowers as pictured.

I would like to give credit to Jess & George's photographer for taking such beautiful photos and sending them with me. Lorenz Fine Photography Unfortunately, those that he sent me were too large for me to share so I had to use those that I took which aren't nearly as good! Sorry about that Bruce!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Flowers for some of my MNHS Class of 1970 friends.

Since meeting with Robin Kohn and her daughter Kelly today, I thought it would be fun to post pictures of a couple of our classmates at their childrens' weddings. I especially love doing flowers for family and friends. It's reassuring to me to know that their flowers are done "right" and so gratifying to know that I did a good job for people I care about.

That's Marlyne LaCorte standing with her two beautiful daughters and Pam, her new daughter-in-law. Marlyne looks terrific and the back of that dress was amazing!
Only one of Marlyne's three handsome sons are in this picture. John is obviously the groom standing next to Pam, his bride.

Many of you will recognize Janice Sherman. She still looks the same since we graduated and is as pretty as ever! The two bridesmaids in blue are Janice's beautiful younger daughters Rebekah and Rachel. Standing next to her new husband Dan, is Janice's eldest - the lovely Lisa. Janice's parents are next. They still look terrific to this day! And then Janice is in the pretty green gown standing with her husband Don. This is one good looking group!

I don't think I have photos of Debbie Klayman's family at her son's engagement party to share with you. Her kids are gorgeous too! There must have been something special in the water we drank at MNHS!