Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Party Luncheon 2011

Today was my day to bring the centerpieces that I made for the Christmas luncheon at Marjeanes for the workers (and their families) from the Developmental Enterprises Corp. - North Penn Training Center. It is my honor to donate flowers to this wonderful annual event. I'm sure they all had a blast at their festive party. Merry Christmas everyone!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Jessica & George - At Amazing Aldie!

Jessica and George were planning a wonderful wedding at Aldie Mansion in Doylestown. Jess had chosen a color palette of orange, purple and white which I thought came together so beautifully. She also coordinated so many wonderful details for their special day. Lawn games were spread out all over the broad expanse of Aldie grounds. And her dessert table was made up of four different adorable cupcakes spelling out "LOVE". Soooo cute! I placed floating, light up water lilies in the fountain. And her table frames/photos/names were so cute that my future daughter-in-law bought them from Jess for her wedding.

Jess' bouquet was made up of ivory roses, orange sweetheart roses, and white mini calla lilies. She looked gorgeous! And George wore a matching calla lily as his boutonniere. Loved the purple ties!

Bridesmaids' wore dresses of light purple and carried bouquets made up of orange dahlias, purple statice, and ivory spray roses gathered in a more casual style.

I made boutonnieres of safflower and statice for the groomsmen.

I created a large "branch enhanced" placecard table arrangement for the Great Hall. Flowers included roses, safflower, and stock. Rose petals separated the rows of cards. Because Jess named her tables after places, she added a "map" to this table so that her guests had an easier time locating where they were sitting. A great idea!

The sweetheart table was enhanced by three vases of purple and orange flowers topping some fun white bubbles.

High flower arrangements of roses, carnations, hydrangea, and larkspur were placed on top of tall glass vases and contained purple hydrangea. White bubbles inside the glass were lit up with underwater lighting.

Low centerpieces were made up of white bubbles with either purple or orange flowers as pictured.

I would like to give credit to Jess & George's photographer for taking such beautiful photos and sending them with me. Lorenz Fine Photography Unfortunately, those that he sent me were too large for me to share so I had to use those that I took which aren't nearly as good! Sorry about that Bruce!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Flowers for some of my MNHS Class of 1970 friends.

Since meeting with Robin Kohn and her daughter Kelly today, I thought it would be fun to post pictures of a couple of our classmates at their childrens' weddings. I especially love doing flowers for family and friends. It's reassuring to me to know that their flowers are done "right" and so gratifying to know that I did a good job for people I care about.

That's Marlyne LaCorte standing with her two beautiful daughters and Pam, her new daughter-in-law. Marlyne looks terrific and the back of that dress was amazing!
Only one of Marlyne's three handsome sons are in this picture. John is obviously the groom standing next to Pam, his bride.

Many of you will recognize Janice Sherman. She still looks the same since we graduated and is as pretty as ever! The two bridesmaids in blue are Janice's beautiful younger daughters Rebekah and Rachel. Standing next to her new husband Dan, is Janice's eldest - the lovely Lisa. Janice's parents are next. They still look terrific to this day! And then Janice is in the pretty green gown standing with her husband Don. This is one good looking group!

I don't think I have photos of Debbie Klayman's family at her son's engagement party to share with you. Her kids are gorgeous too! There must have been something special in the water we drank at MNHS!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Kristin & Bill - Lovely Lilies

Kristin chose a wonderful color palette of black, white, and dark pink for her wedding at Talamore CC. Black is always a challenge to incorporate into the decor, but we achieved this with ribbon in the personal flowers and marbles and ribbon for the centerpieces. I think the blend of the three colors is very striking. I think Kristin made a wonderful choice!

Kristin's bouquet was made up of StarFighter and White hybrid lilies. I scattered stephanotis with crystals inside and rhinestone sprays throughout the flowers. Bill wore a matching boutonniere of three stephanotis.

Moms carried single standard white calla lilies with a black ribbon accent. Dads wore mini white calla lilies for boutonnieres.

My awful photography does not do the wedding party bouquets justice. They were made up of StarFighter lilies and limonium. Groomsmen wore boutonnieres of double stephanotis.

I did two different types of centerpieces for the guest tables. I love Malibu roses because of their color and their high petal count. I used them in mixed arrangements with gorgeous dahlias and lovely carnations in cylinders with a double ribbon wrap. In the second centerpiece I placed opened Malibu roses on beds of mixed marbles. The color really "pops" doesn't it?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sarah & Erik - So Happy Together

Sarah and Erik celebrated their marriage at a charming little church in Wayne - St. David's Episcopal Church. There were 20 people in attendance so it was a perfect fit. Sarah carried a bouquet of white mini calla lilies and Erik wore one as his boutonniere as well. I made altar flowers in the colors that Sarah chose - yellow, white, and blue. I also made two pomander topiaries for the church entrance but because of the pouring rain, I don't think they made it outside. Sarah and Erik did bring them for decoration to Susanna Foo's, which was the location of their reception dinner. Congratulations to all of you!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Jennifer & Jason - Bubbling Over With Happiness

For her wedding and reception at Concord Country Club, Jennifer wanted to use a color palette of yellow, white, and blue. She also wanted to personalize her decor wherever possible. The couple was very fortunate to have some very talented family members who did just that for them - as exemplified by the charming flag that marked the entrance to the church. I wasn't able to get a photo, but there was also a personalized aisle runner inside. Just beautiful!

Jennifer's bouquet was made up of blue dendrobium orchids, white roses, and yellow calla lilies. Jason also wore a yellow calla lily as his boutonniere. My photos of the bridesmaids' bouquets were dreadful, but they carried light yellow roses with blue dendrobium orchids. The groomsmen wore light yellow rose boutonnieres.

Our artist personalized a tin container for the wedding to place on the altar. Jenn & Jason plus yellow flowers were painted on the front. The wedding date was added to that back. What a wonderful keepsake for them to have.
As a nod to their love of good wine, I decorated the placecard table with wine bottles that Jenn brought to me to fill with flowers. I also scattered some mercury glass candle holders and yellow rose petals between the placecards.
Jenn and Jason both attended the University of Delaware. Go Blue Hens! I used blue and yellow rubber bands around each container and pinned the decal that Jenn gave me onto the front. A blue hydrangea topped off the cute vase.

As more and more couples are doing these days, Jenn & Jason chose to sit at a guest table. To differentiate their chairs, I slipped a ribbonned yellow carnation into their chair bands.

I made three types of centerpieces for this wedding based on blue, white, and yellow flowers with ribbonned or bubble filled cylinders. The tall arrangements were made up of blue hydrangea, yellow carnations, and standard white calla lilies. White bubbles filled the tall cylinders.

Low centerpiece cylinders were wrapped in blue ribbon with a yellow overlay and filled with yellow bubbles. Flowers consisted of white hydrangea, yellow carnations, and blue delphinium.

And the third type of centerpiece consisted of table-scaped cylinders with either bubbles inside or ribbon outside. Each vase had it's own color of flowers to match the others in the room.
The ballroom looked so bright and happy with the vivid blues and yellow placed throughout. And even though the sun wasn't shining outside, Jenn and Jason brought the sunshine inside! Congratulations to both of you!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Alyssa & Isaiah - Color!

While Alyssa wanted brightly colored bridesmaids' bouquets, she wanted hers to be set apart. I mixed purple lisianthus, white freesia, and green mini hydrangea to make up her beautiful bouquet.
Isaiah's boutonniere matched Alyssa's bouquet.
Moms' corsages were made up of white lisianthus on white pearl bracelets. Dads also wore white lisianthus boutonnieres.
Bridesmaids bouquets were made with vivid orange spray roses, bright pink standard roses, and fun green cushion mums. The pink roses were used for matching boutonnieres.

I also made her a very colorful placecard table arrangement that incorporated all the colors she was using on top of a terrific purple vase.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Noelyn & Gilbert - Classy Glass Collectibles

Noelyn wanted to use a color palette of bright pink and orange for her wedding at Normandy Farms. I love the bright, cheerful combination. But what I most liked about this wedding was how her family pitched in to collect all of the glass containers that we used. So many shapes, sizes, and colors of glass were collected over the ensuing months. Noelyn sent me lots of pictures and it was a challenge for both of us to figure out a way to use all of them. It felt like Noelyn and I were working on a very large puzzle - and having fun doing it. I managed to use every single vase for this wedding - and there were lots and lots and lots of them. Thank you Noelyn - and Gilbert -for allowing me to be a part of your wedding. I had a great time working on it.

Noelyn's bouquet was made up of beautiful bright pink roses with an overlay of orange mokara orchids. I don't have a photo, but Gilbert's boutonniere was made up of orchids as well.

Half of the bridesmaids carried bouquets of bright pink alstromeria mixed with orange spray roses while the other half carried bouquets of orange alstromeria mixed with bright pink spray roses.

At the front of the ceremony area, I placed two pedestals each holding a French wire vase filled with moss, alstromeria, ivy, and a fountain of grass. I thought this arrangement was so unique for a ceremony and not the usual fanned flower arrangement.

Down the aisle I hung cones filled with alstromeria on my hanging hooks for some matching color.

I had cute little orange glass vases which I filled with pink and orange alstromeria and placed on the inside and outside cocktail tables. Alstomeria comes in so many wonderful colors and allows me to use it in so many ways.

Our talented artist Carolyn painted beautiful orange and pink flowers on the tin container for the placecard table. I filled it with layers of Malibu roses, orange gerber daisies, and pink stock.

One of the containers that Noelyn really liked was a very pretty white pitcher. Since it was a one of a kind, I filled it with Queen Anne's lace and pink & orange zinnias and it sat by itself in a place of honor on the gift table.

Mason jars were collected for half of the tables. I placed orange marbles inside for weight, and then filled them with a mix of pink, orange and white flowers plus some ivy.

I had a ton of small/medium vases to work with for the table-scaped tables. I used 6 or 7 of them on each table. The majority of the vases were different from each other and I used different groupings of flowers in the vases. Thus, all 8 tables looked unique.
Noelyn loved these three green bpwls so I saved them specifically for her sweetheart table. I filled them with dark pink hydrangea and orange spray roses. Votive candles ultimately were alternated with the flowers.

I like this photo of the cake because a spotlight in the ballroom was directed at it. I decorated the cake with lots and lots of orange mokara orchid blooms. Pretty as can be!

Congratulations to Noelyn and Gilbert!