Thursday, June 21, 2012

Kirsten & Jake at the Beautiful Old Mill

Kirsten and Jake's wedding was the first time that I worked at The Old Mill in Rose Valley and I was "wowed" by the venue. It has so much charm and lovely, unique aspects to it. I think it's a gorgeous place to have a wedding. Kirsten choose to use a green and bright pink color palette which worked wonderfully in this very special location. Kirsten's bouquet was made up of two varieties of pink roses, green dendrobium orchids, and pink mini-calla lilies. I topped it off with a dragonfly pin that Kristen brought to me. Jake's boutonniere was made up of the same green orchids. Bridesmaids' bouquets contained petite SuperGreen roses with bits of pink dendrobium orchids. I used the same orchids for the groomsmen's boutonnieres. If you walk down a path on the grounds and over a little bridge, you'll come to a beautiful outside area where Kirsten and Jake held their ceremony. I made two topiaries for either side of the table to denote the area where they would stand. Rose petals were scattered down the aisle. And to each side I set-up green pomanders hung by pink ribbon. A close-up of my rental hooks with hanging green mum pomanders. I inserted pink pins in various locations around the balls. There's also a closer view of one of the two carnation topiaries that I made as well. Cocktails are served at two outside locations. One is a covered patio and the other a "room" surrounded by old stone walls. It's gorgeous! I made up arrangements of mixed garden flowers in mason jars with rusty lids for these tables. You can get a taste of this area in the background. Kirsten made boxes in which we "planted" wheatgrass. In the center of the table I created an arrangement on top of a cylinder of green apples made up of a layer of twisted aspidistra leaves, roses, and pink larkspur spraying from the center.  We created three different styles of centerpieces for this wedding. The Old Mill uses containers of branches across one wall, so our "tree based" arrangements blended perfectly with the room. One type of arrangement was made in clay pots that I had hand-painted with the couples' initials. The letters were made out of tiny individual flowers and were beautiful! Flowers consisted of a variety of green and pink flowers including various roses, mums, carnations, and Sweet William. The second set of low centerpieces were done in logs that my husband made which I rent out. They were filled with hydrangea, spray roses, and hypericum berries. The high centerpieces were made from cherry blossom branches, hypericum berries, hydrangea, snapdragons, and carnations. The bridal party's tables are set up on the "stage" with the bride and groom sweetheart table front and center. I made smaller versions of the clay pots that were on the other tables.  Each was hand-painted with the couples' monogram and a sign Kirsten purchased hung on the front. .
We enhanced the wedding cake with pink roses and rose petals.  To the left is the doorway to the beautiful outside area where cocktails are served. What a wonderful location to have a wedding! Congratulations Kirsten and Jake.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Rita & Glenn - Gorgeous Glen Foerd

In my humble opinion, Glen Foerd is one of the most beautiful venues at which to hold a wedding. I love the outside. I love the river. I love the inside. I love the art museum upstairs. It "wows" me every time I have the opportunity to work there. So when Rita asked me to help her with her wedding, I was thrilled to be there once again. Rita loves hydrangea and peonies and we made good use of them to complement her white, green, and pink color palette. Her bouquet was made up of beautiful pink peonies. Glenn wore a matching peony as his boutonniere as well. Bridesmaids carried smaller bouquets also made up of peonies. I'm so glad that they were available for this wedding. It's the perfect Spring flower. I did simple arrangements of a reflexed rose sitting on acrylics for the cocktail tables.

Rita's favors were a donation to the SPCA plus a bag of dog bone shaped cookies for her guests to eat. I wish I had a picture of the beautiful frosted cookies that my friend Ellen made for this wedding. They were outstanding - and delicious. I taste tested them to make sure there were fit for human consumption. Yummy!!! Contact me if you want Ellen's information for your own amazing cookies.

Because Rita loves pomanders, we added a green one on top of a tower of white bubbles to her favor table.

Rita and I chose more vintage type containers for her guest table centerpieces. The white ceramic containers were lightly patterned, as was the green tin vase.  Each vase type had it's own arrangement of hydrangea plus another flower.

Typically I like sweetheart table flowers to be on the more moderate side. But we got carried away with the old fashioned container that I found for this wedding. We had bits and pieces of leftover flowers and loved the lines of the vase so.... this is the result.

  Love Birds sat atop a beautiful wedding cake that we enhanced with touches of flowers. What a beautiful end to a beautiful evening! Congratulations Rita and Glenn.Thank you for the pleasure of working with you on your wedding.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Floral Open House by Whmsical Welcomes

If you or anyone you know may be interested in seeing my work, I invite you to visit the Foundry on June 30, 2012 between 2:30 and 3:30 PM for a floral Open House.   I will have the venue set up for my son’s wedding with lots of new ideas and numerous details.   It would be a great time to check out this beautiful venue and maybe garner some inspiration for your own wedding.  I’ve got some surprises in store!  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Aislinn & Scott - Cherry Blossom time

When I first met with Aislinn she told me that she wanted to use cherry blossoms all over her wedding. "No problem", I said. "Your wedding is in April, prime cherry blossom time." But little did we know that Spring was going to happen so early this year and everything around us bloomed so early too! My cherry blossoms at home were done early in April! Thankfully my supplier put a bunch of cherry blossom branches aside for Aislinn weeks ahead of her wedding so we'd be sure to have them. Thankfully they held up in their cold room because there were no more to be had at the time of Aislinn's wedding. I was sweating that one out. I hate to disappoint a bride when it's Mother Nature's fault! So Aislinn was able to have her cherry blossom wedding as promised. The bride's bouquet was made up of ivory roses with a few pale pink roses scattered throughout the bouquet. I placed pearls inside the pink roses. Scott's boutonniere was made up of the same ivory rose.

  Aislinn loves Baby's Breath so I used it wherever I could, including in her attendant's bouquet along with tulips and pink roses. The best man wore a matching pink rose boutonniere.

Since cherry blossoms were the theme of this wedding, naturally they had a seat of honor on the placecard table. I added hydrangea, acrylics, and rose petals to complete the piece.
I was so excited that I had a vase with cherry blossom branches on it - and a bluebird - to fill with flowers for Aislinn's gift table.  It made a nice memento for her to keep.

Some of the centerpieces on the tables were done in glass squares and filled with pink tulips, Malibu roses, carnations, and pink mums.  Love Spring flowers!
Using the same roses, although this time submerged, white tulips with Baby's Breath, and cherry  blossom branches, I tablescaped the rest of the guest tables.  The technique uses similar although different containers, each containing one type of flower.   I find it a bit more interesting when the tables are not all the same.
Mazel Tov to Aislinn and Scott. May you celebrate many happy years together.