Monday, June 14, 2010

Jessica and Bill - Vivacious Villanova

Jessica wanted to use a color pallete of various shades of pink for her wedding which worked out nicely because there are so many to choose from. And Jessica made it so easy to work with some new shaped containers and ideas. I loved working on this wedding! I am so sad that Villanova will no longer allow ceremonies to be performed in the gorgeous patio area of Villanova Conference Center. You couldn't ask for a prettier setting.

Jessica's bouquet was made up of Esperance roses and pink calla lilies with rhinestone inserts. I incorporated tiny rhinestones into Bill's boutonniere as well. Bridesmaids carried a mix of pink roses. My pictures of these did not turn out at all.

Flower girls carried the cutest buckets of rose petals. Jessica found these on Etsy.

I made a variety of small arrangements of roses and acrylics in martini glasses for the cocktail hour. We made the cocktail stirrers out of different shades of aluminum wire.

Sitting pretty on the piano in the livingroom of Montrose Mansion is an arrangement of sunken roses plus a variety of pink flowers on the top.

One of my favorite arrangements is the colorful topiary I made for the gift table. I used a variety of pink and green flowers for the top, lots of curling ribbon, and green sisal and beading in the hot pink base.

The high centerpieces consisted of tall glass gathering vases filled with three shades of acrylics. In the top of the vases I layered hydrangea, Malibu roses, and larkspur.

I used three different shades of pink gathering vases for the low centerpieces. Each vase held hydrangea and roses in various shades of pink and white. The ballroom looked so beautiful with all the pink highlights throughout the room.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Aimee and Jessica - Colorful Cravings

Jessica and Aimee wanted a very bright color pallete for their wedding celebration at Cravings in Lansdale. They ended up choosing orange, bright pink, and green - very happy colors. Unfortunately my picture of Jessica's bouquet does not show just how bright the lilies, roses, and mums looked. Jessica's daughter carried a smaller version of her mom's bouquet. And bridesmaids' bouquets consisted of brightly colored pink and orange alstromeria with green hypericum berries. My pictures of them are even darker than this bouquet photo.

I made Aimee's boutonniere more like a decorative pin than a typical boutonniere to wear on the lapel of her wedding suit.

Jessica's son wore a boutonniere different, but similar to Aimee's.

Corsages and boutonnieres for family were made up of very bright flowers as well.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Caitlin and Gary at Eviva

Caitlin's chose unique wedding colors of white, brown, and accents of pool blue. We designed her bouquet to be made up of ivory roses, white freesia, white stock, white tulips, brown hypericum berries, and stephanotis. I used pool blue crystals inside the stephanotis to acknowledge the blue in her color pallette. Gary wore a boutonniere of an ivory rose. Caitlin chose to have the three ladies in her wedding party each carry one of the flowers in her bouquet plus the brown hypericum berries. Groomsmen matched the women who they escorted down the aisle.

One bridesmaid carried a bouquet made up of the white freesia interspersed with brown hypericum berries.

A second bridesmaid's bouquet was made up of hypericum berries and white tulips with bits of white limonium.

The MoH carried a bouquet of white stock accented with brown hypericum berries.

Moms wore pearled wristlets of white spray roses accented with hypericum berries. Caitlin's Dad wore a matching boutonniere.