Sunday, May 19, 2013

Rustic Weddings

I have more and more brides coming to me to design a rustic wedding for their celebration in a barn, outside venue, or historic building.  I've done several weddings in mason jars and wanted to come up with some variations on the theme.  So I began to collect buckets and baskets and tins and rusty containers.  When I began to look, I found containers with sunflowers and chickens on them; buckets with unusual finishes, produce baskets, berry baskets, wheelbarrows, and glass shaped like old milk tins.  Even clay pots work for a rustic theme. I've cut down tree branches and turned them into flower containers and used tall branches in a variety of ways.   I've collected small railroad lanterns and horseshoes and ceramic chickens.  I've wrapped bottles in burlap and twine and grouped beer bottles with interesting labels. There are so many looks to choose from.  But what I found are containers that replicate items found on a farm, at a produce stand, or have some type of farm animal on it, are the ones that reflect a country feel.  Nothing should look brand new - hence the use of rusty containers, old tins, and textured finishes.  What you choose to put into your vessels will also emphasize a rustic theme.   I filled some of the containers for my rustic Bridal Blossoms table with fruits, vegetables, and even blooming plants.  Other were filled with more rustic looking flowers including sunflowers, daisies, and mums. I love the combination of roses and sunflowers - bright and bold.  You want to be able to "light up"  a barn with color.  Choosing appropriate linens and other textured elements for the table will  set the tone for your bucolic wedding.

The items used in these photos are available for sale or for rent for your rustic wedding.  Please contact Leslie at with questions.

A big "Thank You" to Ron DLutz for sharing his rustic themed bridal portrait. Ron has wonderful ideas as to how to portray a rustic feel for your wedding photos. 

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