Monday, July 28, 2008

Lauren & Dan - Daisies at St. Mary's

In the language of flowers, daisy means loyalty, love, and innocence So what better flower could possibly represent all the love at Lauren and Dan's wedding? Lauren used daisies for her two flower girl pomanders (of which one was her adorable daughter), their halos, her bridesmaids, her mothers' bouquets and her altar flowers. We even added a touch of daisies to decorate the pews. We used white daisies, pink, daisies, and yellow daisies. I even cut more golden yellow daisies from my garden to add to the altar flowers. Love was well represented at this wedding at St. Mary's in Schwenksville on a beautiful summer day.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Kerry & Will - Bells of Ireland

I wish I could figure out how to get Snapfish pictures on here because I'd love to share a picture of Kerry's beautiful dog. But I'll share her green, white, and orange flowers instead. We used Bells of Ireland in bouquets and altar flowers in combination with wonderful tropical greens and tropical flowers like Birds of Paradise, Asian lilies, and Pincushion Protea elsewhere. High centerpieces included a variety of greens including aspidistra, plumosa, palm crowns and podocarpus while the lows featured a layer of equisetum (also known as rush or horsetail) that lined the inside of the vase. Bright orange roses - Circus roses in Kerry's bouquet and Miracle in centerpieces - added a fantastic pop amongst the greens while the white complemented both colors.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Antoinette & Jim - Children's flowers

I met Antoinette's beautiful daughter when I brought her flowers to the hotel room. She looked like a little princess with her tiara in her hair. I am possibly the worst photographer on the planet, but her flower girl pomander turned out really cute. The carnations matched her mom's pink tipped roses and there are hidden pink butterflues in the ribbon loops. I hope Antoinette has some much better pictures of Christina with her flowers so everyone can see just how adorable she is. And this was our first ring bearer "heart box". We painted and trimmed a heart shaped box in pink ribbon, filled it with carnations, and trimmed it with ivy. It's hard to see but there are two little "gold" rings placed in the center of the heart. I can't wait to see pictures of Antoinette's ring bearer holding this and Antoinette holding her bouquet. Her Esperance roses came in really big and were interspersed with orchids. It was large but gorgeous and my pictures came out so bad I won't even post them here. Hopefully Antoinette will share hers with me and we can all see how pretty mommy looked on her wedding day, too.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Let the Music Play - Maura & Stephen

Maura and Stephen are both music teachers. I felt the need to acknowledge that fact at their wedding and came up with the idea of using a trombone for their placecard table. The hardest part was finding the trombone. My engineer husband expertly designed the stand to hold it upright and I filled it with flowers in the bright colors Maura wanted at her wedding. We love how it came out! Maura's bouquet used colors of the sunset and each bridesmaid's bouquet featured roses in one of those colors among other flowers. Groomsmen matched the bridesmaids. Even her ceremony flowers under the pergola at Pen Ryn resembled a sunset. And the three styles of centerpieces were each based on a glass square with a different treatment and different brightly colored flowers.

Red, White & Blue - Melissa & Dave

Melissa loves the 4th of July and it certainly showed at her wedding. We had great fun planning and decorating this one. From the topiaries at church through the bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, centerpieces, placecard table, chair bows, napkins, head table decorations, and ending up with the cake - everything was red, white, and blue. Melissa's red rose bouquet had rhinestone sprays in it to resemble firecrackers. Her handle treatment matched Dave's boutonniere and both had red, white, and blue pins in their stephanotis. I can't wait to see the professional pictures so that I can see how the rest of the decorations looked. Anne decorated this one while I was busy elsewhere.