Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Victorian Style Weddings

If you were not able to come to the recent Bridal Blossoms Wedding Flower Show, I've got some photos of ideas to share over the next few weeks. If you have chosen to use a Victorian theme, keep in mind that the ladies of the Victorian era loved flowers with a strong fragrance and used lots of fern and foliage in their arrangements. Favorite flowers included: roses, lilies, orchids, grape hyacinth, tulips and jasmine. All of the flowers had meanings and were chosen for a wedding with that in mind. Most brides carried a white bouquet to symbolize their purity. Posy holders were popular at social events. Head-dresses of flowers were worn by many brides. And many of the ladies attending carried fancy hand fans. The Victorian era was a time of extravagance. Huge pyramids of flowers were not uncommon. Other types of arrangements included tall March stands, flowers in low concentric circles (Beidemeir style), and Pot a fleur style (foliage interspersed with flowers). While it would be quite expensive to replicate the extravagant arrangements that were popular in Victorian times, there are several ideas that will give a bride the same "feel". These ideas were displayed on my Victorian style table at Bridal Blossoms. Here are some of my suggestions as photographed: Collect ceramic or glass baskets for centerpieces. Use a white wicker basket for your flower girl. You can also use white wicker stands for the ceremony. You can make or purchase "corsets" for clear glass vases. Heavy cut glass vases of a variety of shapes work for a Victorian style wedding, particularly in compote or pedestal shapes. I've also placed peacock feathers in a glass fan shaped vase. In the center of this table I used a posy holder dripping with pearls. It holds sixteen different flowers. All of these items, plus more, are available for rent or purchase to my Whimsical Welcomes brides. Contact me for a consultation at WhimsicalWelcomes@yahoo.com

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