Friday, September 24, 2010

Superman party

I've got so little time for blogging these days and will find it even more difficult during the next five weeks. I just have time for a quick post today about the Superman party I recently did. A client wanted to have a birthday party for her husband. Since he is her "super" man, that became the theme. I ran around to so many stores to try to find something in the party area for Superman, but nothing was to be found. Even Party City hasn't carried Superman items in a year. Poor Superman! So I decided to decoupage his "S" onto blue vases and follow through with yellow and red flowers and some ting ting for flight! Decoupaging is an easy, inexpensive way to decorate almost anything. Try it - it's fun!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Stacey & Richard - Fun at the Firehouse

Stacey and Richard celebrated their marriage at Vincent Mennonite Church followed by a reception at the North Coventry Fire Company banquet hall. Stacey wanted to use a mix of pink, white, and aqua blue for her wedding colors. Since there are no aqua blue flowers, it's always a challenge to fit that color into a color scheme. But we accomplished it with ribbon, containers, and acrylics. Once Stacey saw the acrylics - she HAD to have them in her centerpieces. They were perfect with her decor. I think that this wedding turned out to be so "sweet" with a wonderful combination of colors.

Stacey carried a bouquet of white and pink roses with pearls in their center. We bound the stems with aqua blue ribbon and a bow underneath the head. Richard wore a white rose boutonniere.

Bridesmaids carried bouquets of pink and white roses. Groomsmen wore matching boutonnieres.

The nest with the aqua blue bird's eggs was a "no brainer" for the ring bearer. I added touches of Baby's breath and some pink ribbon along with the "rings".

The three year old flower girl carried a white tulle pomander with pink satin roses. I made a matching halo for her to wear on her head. Such a cute set!

I filled large white wicker baskets with pink alstromeria and white fugi mums. By ribboning the handle, we easily added the aqua blue color Stacey wanted.

I also wanted to get a bit of the aqua blue on the church pews, so I doubled the ribbon on the pew bows. I love how this looks. I'll have to remember this!

In an aqua vase, I arranged an assortment of pink and white flowers to put on the gift table.

Because the tables were rectangular in shape, I wanted the centerpieces to follow those lines. I used multiple sweetheart shaped vases full of alstromeria and acrylics. The small vases had pink acrylics in them while the white had aqua blue. We also used similar vases to hold the bouquets on the head table.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Jaime & Steven - Delightful Dendrobiums

Jaime chose a beautiful color pallete of purple, ivory, and green for her wedding to Steven at the fantastic Columbia Station. I love the combination of those colors. We incorporated some personal touches, including apples and vases, which meant a lot to the couple, and came up with some truly unique ideas for their reception. Jamie wanted three different centerpieces which allowed me to utilize some really fun elements. I really enjoyed working on this one!

Jamie carried a gorgeous bouquet of rose, stock and trachelium with touches of variegated hosta around the edges. Steven's boutonniere of a matching rose and hosta looked great as well. Jaime was a gorgeous bride as seen on her photographer's website. I'll post some pictures when I get them.

Bridesmaids carried bouquets of lavender alstromeria and green hypericum berries. Groomsmen wore boutonnieres of matching alstromeria.

A mix of green and purple flowers that included Bells of Ireland and various shades of larkspur, sat on each side of the church altar.

I filled a vase that Jaime provided for her "memory vase" with alstromeria and hypericum berries. The vase was transferred from the church to grace the credenza at Columbia Station.

The placecard table held a tall glass compote filled with apples, alstromeria, orchids, greens, and ting ting. I liked how this festive arrangement greeted the guests.

I placed orchids in glass containers to decorate Jamie and Steven's sweetheart table. These alternated with candles.

I used wonderful moss covered pots for the first centerpiece. In each of them I placed purple hydrangea studded with green dendrobium orchids. I love this pot with purple flowers in it.

Steven's grandparents own a farm with an apple orchard. So Jaime and Steven picked the green apples for the second centerpiece. I filled 8" glass bowls with the apples and then did an arrangement of dendrobium orchids and sanderiana from the top.

The third centerpiece was candle based with a hint of dendrobium orchids placed around it.

And a happy ending to a wonderful wedding - a beautiful wedding cake decorated with my favorite flower - purple lisianthus!