Monday, August 24, 2009

Erin & Travis - It's all in the Details

Erin and Travis' wedding colors were white, "pool" blue, and brown. Fortunately, Erin is very detail oriented and was able to carry those colors through her wedding with ribbon and many other wonderful ideas. She truly did a great job and the ballroom looked wonderful as a result.

Erin carried a lovely bouquet of white roses, white mini calla lilies, and white stephanotis with pearls in their center. We made a stem wrap of "pool" blue on "pool" blue satin ribbon. One of the many details that Erin incorporated into her wedding was the pretty brooch which we added to her stem wrap. Travis wore a matching calla lily boutonniere.

Bridesmaids wore really pretty "pool" blue dresses. They carried bouquets of white roses while the groomsmen also wore white rose boutonnieres.

Unfortunately it was raining the morning of Erin and Travis' wedding, so they were not able to get married in front of the gazebo on the property. Fortunately, Northampton Valley Country Club has a trellis that they set up in front of a large window, so that we could use the gazebo spray on it.
The sign-in book was placed on a table in the entryway. We made a fun arrangement of white calla lilies, brown painted curly willow, aqua ting ting, and aqua party balls for this table as well.

Because of the rainy morning, the cocktail hour was held inside. We used hydrangea in small glass squares wrapped in brown and "pool" blue ribbon.

Erin loves hydrangea. Naturally we used lots of it. We placed blue hydrangea in bowls with clear acrylics and white hydrangea in bowls of aqua acrylics. So pretty for a summer wedding.

Erin made her table numbers herself. She used wooden numbers that she painted and mounted on the cardstock and then framed. I thought the raised numbers really enhanced the look of them. "Pool" blue and brown are not easy colors to work with, but Erin's clever idea made great use of them.

Erin's seating chart was really nicely done. She made it herself and had it printed, laminated, and mounted at Staples.

And finally, Erin's Dad made this adorable "cake" for her gift envelopes. I love the bride and groom ducks on the top.

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