Saturday, January 31, 2015

Kendi and Lew - A trip down Memory Lane

The most wonderful thing about Facebook is being able to find and catch up with friends from my past.  I have re-connected with so many terrific people.  And through Facebook, I have also found some of my former third grade students!  There was a family whose son was one of my third graders when I first started teaching.  He was a little imp, but I was crazy about him and became friendly with his parents as well. I have lots of funny moments in memory from this 8 year old young man.  And then a few years later - I had his little sister Kendi in my class.  And Kendi grew up into a beautiful, warm, and loving woman who met and fell in love with the wonderful Lew!  Kendi (and her brothers) were all at my wedding, so things came full circle and I not only attended Kendi and Lew's wedding, but I helped her with the flowers.  I got to visit with almost the whole family.  It was pure joy for me.

Kendi loves purple - which turned into the theme of her barn wedding.   The barn belonged to someone they knew and was absolutely adorable.  It even had a built in bar!

I made Kendi's  bouquet out of white, purple, and lavender lisianthus.  Lew's boutonniere was made of white lisianthus.

Kendi's bridesmaid carried an all lavender lisianthus bouquet.

I filled purple mason jars with hydrangea and purple carnations for all of the guest tables. Lew's sisters helped with all of the other decor.  The room looked great!

I placed lavender daisy mums on the wedding cake. The toss bouquet is in the background to the right. This wedding was just right for the happy couple.

I was so happy that I got to share in Kendi and Lew's special day.  I love them both and look forward to getting together with the whole family soon.  Congratulations to both of you!

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