Sunday, July 17, 2011

Jessica & Adam - Glen Foerd Gorgeous

Jessica and Adam held their wedding at one of my very favorite venues - Glen Foerd Mansion. If you've never been there, they do give tours to the public. Not only is the downstairs beautiful, there is an art museum upstairs with paintings by some of the Masters. Amazing!

Jessica was a joy to work with. She chose a color palette of bright pink and white and wanted to keep her arrangements within the character of the house. I think she did a wonderful job!

Jessica loves roses and chose to use them in a variety of ways at her wedding. Her bouquet was made up of Malibu roses with pearls inside. Rhinestone sprays were placed among the flowers. Adam wore a matching Malibu boutonniere.

Bridesmaids carried bouquets of standard white roses mixed with dark pink spray roses. Groomsmen wore the white rose as a boutonniere.

Glen Foerd overlooks the Delaware River. Standing in between the two arrangements that I made is Little Ugly, the beloved Newfoundland belonging to the Macalasters, the family that built the house.

We wanted something "old" looking to fit in with the decor of the house. I painted an old candlestick holder and filled the top with pink and white flowers to sit on the placecard table.

Jessica and I both felt that softer looking arrangements would look best in the solarium. We didn't want to use contemporary glass, so I found some wonderful white ceramic vases that looked perfect with the roses that Jessica loved. We thought they looked perfect in the solarium! Go check it out. They have summer concerts on the grounds.

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