Sunday, November 30, 2008

Shannon & David - Colorful Cairnwood

Shannon and David's wedding was a beautiful, brightly colored affair that took place at the gorgeous Cairnwood Mansion. Shannon and David looked fantastic and the rooms were glowing in lustrous hues and candlelight. It was a perfect setting for a perfect day!

Shannon wanted bright colors and a "different" look for her wedding. Her color palette included lime green, bright orange, and hot pink. She used lots of candlelight everywhere including outside - where walks were lined with lanterns. Shannon's bouquet contained Tibet roses, ranunculus, stephanotis, mini calla lilies, hypericum berries and dendrobium orchids surrounded by a collar of folded aspidistra leaves. We added crystals all over her bouquet so that it glistened just like the candlelight.

Brightly colored bouquets were the perfect complement to fantastic bridesmaids' dresses.

We layered colorful stones in the placecard piece and topped it off with a bright orange gerber daisy. An array of colorful flowers, spraying beargrass, and ting ting was arranged on top.

Shannon's ceremony took place in the Great Room. We placed birch branches along the mantle with green and bright pink hydrangea scattered throughout it. The mantle in the Library were dedicated to Shannon and David's dog. We made a special flower and dog treat arrangement in a dog bowl surrounded by framed pictures. And the mantle in the livingroom was dedicated to Shannon's grandfather. His favorite purple hydrangea was flanked by candles.

Three of the tables in the Billiard Room were done in monochromatic colors and included hydrangea, calla lilies, and roses. The fourth table was a mix of the hydrangea. Check out the amazing napkins Shannon chose.

The diningroom was done with a large multi-colored centerpiece and groupings of roses to each side. A mix of multicolored flowers and candles graced the mantle in this room.

Music Room - High and low arrangements shared this room. I love the "stairstepped" group of vases. Bouquets were placed in vases on this mantle.

And the cake! A perfect ending to a fabulous celebration.

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LaRositaMonita said...

Leslie, these are beautiful! So classy, but such fun. I think this is my favorite blog post of yours since we first started corresponding over the summer. Seeing the mini orchids and the little green mums with all the orange and pink is making me think ahead to August, too.

Again, just lovely. )

-Heather L. (and Colin and Mac!)