Sunday, June 15, 2008

Ronda's wedding

Ronda's wedding colors were yellow, white, and green - a happy combination. I got to try some new techniques with this wedding that I think worked out rather well. Instead of evenly spreading out the stephanotis among Ronda's yellow roses, we grouped them together in several areas. I really like this look. And when stephanotis are bunched together, their lovely fragrance is much more conspicuous. Ronda also liked the idea of color in the center of her flowers so we used pearls in her roses and green pins in her stephanotis. So pretty!
Ronda's flower girl was going to scatter rose petals down the wedding aisle. Instead of just loading this butterfly basket with loose petals, we tried something new. We cut up fresh roses for petals, but instead of taking the roses apart, we left the petals in the rose shape and put them inside the basket on a bed of yellow paper shred. I think this looks much cuter than the loose petals. And all the flower girl has to do is to put her hand in the basket and pull out a couple of petals. The rest of the roses will then fall apart into separated petals and she can scatter them as she likes. I'm going to use this technique more often in the future.

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