Sunday, June 22, 2008

Jodi and David - A Tropical Paradise

Jodi wanted her wedding to convey a summery, tropical feeling. She also was concerned about flowers triggering an allergy attack. Tropical flowers and orchids (Jodi's favorite) would work perfectly. They have no scent. We used orchids everywhere - Jodi's beautiful bouquet, boutonnieres, corsages, placecard table, cake, and centerpieces. Jodi's bouquet was built upon a phlange that we made from her dress fabric. We used blush cymbidium orchids, tipi fronds, and pearl sprays to build this multi-layered bouquet for her. Bridesmaids' bouquets were made from tall pink ginger, pink limonium, tipi, ti leaves, and monstera leaves. And David's boutonniere was made from mini green cymbidiums - after a minor setback. David was supposed to have a white boutonniere to match Jodi's orchids - but the Department of Agriculture seized all mini cymbidiums that arrived in New York from New Zealand and put them into quarantine. None of them were being released and David's orchids were amongst them. However, my supplier already had one stem of green, and Jodi said that David had really liked the green ones so we should work with them. Good thing too! The government ended up destroying all of the orchids they had seized. If they see a bug or fungus on just one of them, they won't let any of them into this country. Thank goodness Jodi is as sweet and agreeable as she is beautiful. And David ended up with a boutonniere - pictured above - that looked just great. When you're working with nature and fresh products, there is always the chance that something unpreventable could happen. This instance certainly underscores that.

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