Monday, May 9, 2016

Jessica & David - Kimberton Inn Quaintness

Kimberton Inn is certainly a gorgeous venue at which to have a wedding.  I just love the room with its wide expanse of windows surrounding the couple and their guests.  You have a choice at this venue of holding your ceremony indoors or outdoors.  When you choose to get married inside, the room has to be turned over from the ceremony to the reception during cocktail hour.  This is why I don't have centerpiece photos taken on top of tables.  However, the flowers and colors Jessica chose still look beautiful even sitting on the windowsills.

Jessica chose a combination of blue, purple, and white for her color palette.  Her bouquet was made up of some of the prettiest purple flowers including purple lisianthus - my favorite!  I wrapped the stems in lace ribbon.

Bridesmaids carried bouquets of purple and white with blue added in the form of cornflower and wrapped in blue satin ribbon.  So many brides tell me upfront that they do not like carnations.  However, when I show my "purple" brides the Moon family of carnations - which include 4 amazing shades of purple carnations - they quickly change their tune.  These carnations are so special and so beautiful that I've never had a bride tell me that they don't like them.  And believe me, they are definitely a money saver!

We brought in two pillars for the indoor ceremony upon which we placed two vases of beautiful flowers.  I love how lilies look among other flowers. And we added an arrangement of flowers on the top of the mantle to complete the ceremony look.  It broke up all that white so nicely.  Ignore the flowers sitting in the fireplace.  They're from a previous event and were ultimately removed.

And finally we have two types of centerpieces. One was made up of mixed flowers including blue hydrangea, white lisianthus, and purple carnations.  I like to use acrylics in the base of my centerpieces to "catch" any of the flower detritus that may fall.  They add a pretty finish to the arrangement as well.

The second set of centerpieces consisted of a lantern flanked by two smaller cylinders containing white hydrangea, cornflower, and purple mini-carnations.

Thanks to Jessica and David for having me be a part of your beautiful wedding. May the two of you have many, many long and happy years together.

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