Thursday, March 31, 2016

Casie & Ken - The Joy of Spring

It's the beginning of Spring and with it comes beautiful, bright colors!  This was Casie's sentiment as well and she proved it by using such wonderful, happy colors for her marriage to Ken.We were also able to take advantage of some wonderful seasonal flowers.   So for Casie's bouquet, we used bright pink Esperance roses, calla lilies, and gigantic orange ranunculus!  Some were so large they looked like peonies!   Ken wore a matching calla lily boutonniere.

Casie's bridesmaid's carried what I like to call "joyful" bouquets.  The orange, bright pink, and yellow bouquets actually made me smile while I was putting them together.  To me, nothing says orange like Asian lilies!  We used Esperance roses for the groomsmen's boutonnieres.

Those bright orange lilies also appeared at church - in the aisle at the family rows and again on the altar.

Congratulations to Casie and Ken!  I hope the rest of your married life is as bright and happy as the beginning. 

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