Thursday, February 25, 2016

Jennifer and Mike's Disney Magic

I am a huge Disney fan, so naturally I was thrilled to help with a Disney themed wedding.  I'll share a couple of the special touches Jennifer and Mike added to their wedding.

The color palette this couple used was not a typical color combination for a wedding - teal, white,  and orange. But ironically, another wedding I worked on that weekend used the same exact colors!  I'll post pictures of that one soon, but I couldn't get over the coincidence.

Jennifer's bouquet was a short cascade done with white lilies, white roses, white waxflowers, and orange spray roses.  I've added some pretty rhinestone "flowers" to give it a bit more sparkle. M ike wore a boutonniere of stephanotis - which I like to use when a bride carries lilies.  The lilies are too large for a boutonniere and I think that the stephanotis have the same sort of shape, so that's what I use.

Jennifer wanted her bridesmaids to carry bouquets that coordinated with hers, so I made those out of just the spray roses and waxflowers.  Groomsmen wore matching orange spray roses.

We made two large orange and white arrangements for the head of the ceremony aisle.  Small buckets of white hydrangea and orange spray roses lined the aisle as well.

We worked a lot with round shapes for this wedding.  So for the cocktail tables I used vases with a round look to them and filled them with different flowers. They were pretty much all different from each other.

It was fun to come up with an appropriately colored placecard table arrangement.  I found an orange candle holder to which I added orange and white flowers.  And to get the teal in there, I used ting ting and party balls!  I love how it turned out.

Brides have come up with a lot of creative ideas for their guests to sign. Jennifer and Mike used unglazed "mouse" figurines - which I thought was so clever. And the pens were teal, black, and orange!

It was challenging to come up with ways to incorporate the teal color into this wedding, but I think adding the teal acrylics to the centerpieces turned out nicely.  Naturally, the tables were all named after different Disney characters.  I filled large round glass bowls with teal in the base and a  mix of orange and white flowers.  Jennifer wanted to use wine decanters for the rest of the tables.  The teal acrylics were also used in these.  Orange lilies and white limonium filled the glass.

And of course every Disney wedding needs a special cake.  This one definitely fits the bill  Congratulations to Jennifer and Mike.  May you have many, many happy years in Florida!  Say hi to Mickey for me.


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