Monday, September 21, 2015

Angela & Daniel at Brandywine Manor House in Chester County

Brandywine Manor House is a wonderful, wonderful rustic location that has everything a bride could want - a barn for a smaller wedding (200 seated) or cocktail party; a tented area for a larger wedding (up to 325); gorgeous grounds with several locations for ceremonies and many locations for pictures.  It is gorgeous!  I was so excited and honored when Angela wanted me to help her with her beautiful rustic wedding there.

Burgundy, pink, and a hint of blue were the basis of the color palette for this wedding and Angela's bouquet.  This short cascade included roses, calla lilies, lisianthus, thistle, waxflower, and greens.  Daniel wore a matching calla lily.

Bridesmaids carried a variation of this bouquet with hypericum berries and grass loops added. Roses with grass loops were worn by the groomsmen.

As I said before, there are several locations on the property for ceremonies.  For this spectacular area I designed  large mix of burgundy and white flowers in an old labelled bucket.

Underneath the barn is an area for cocktail hour.  For this wedding Daniel collected bottles of his favorite beers for me to arrange with flowers.

What is probably the #1 vendor rule as far as I'm concerned?  DON'T BE LATE! Why would you want to cause even more stress on this special day?   Unfortunately this bride's caterer was hours late so no tables were set up for me to place anything.   What a mess!  So I left everything on some extra tables and the bride's sister fortunately put everything where it belonged when the caterer finally arrived.  For the placecard table I had two antique, rusty funnels painted and personalized with names and dates.  I only had one pair of these and this lucky couple got them!  

We made three different kids of centerpieces for this wedding.  One third of the tables were done with my glass jars in wire in the largest size by themselves.  Another third were decorated with rusty pots full of hydrangea.  And the rest of the tables were decorated with a pair of my glass jars in wire. I used all kinds of mixed flowers on the tables.

These two smaller containers were placed on the sweetheart table.

Since the cake wasn't going to be brought over until the caterer arrived - hours later - Angela's lovely sister said that she would put the flowers on it.  Her help was immeasurable!  She said the caterer made up some kind of excuse for being so very late, but in the end, everyone had a great time.  Congratulations to Angela and Daniel on their marriage!

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