Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Meaning of Flowers

Did you know that your bouquet can “speak” for you? In Victorian times, people used more symbols than words to communicate. Thus certain flowers were assigned specific meanings so that when a bouquet of flowers was sent, the gesture meant more than just pretty flowers and wonderful scents. Today, a bride has the option of choosing various flowers for her bouquet that send a message to her groom without her ever saying a word. Any questions? Contact and I'd be happy to help you put together your bridal bouquet at a consultation.

Alstromeraia – Devotion

Anemone – Brings good luck

Asters - A symbol of love

Bird of Paradise - joyfulness

Carnation – Fascination

Chrysanthemum - Optimism

Daffodil – Stay as sweet as you are!

Delphinium (and larkspur) – Ardent attachment

Gladiolus – Infatuation

Hydrangea – Heartfelt

Iris – The three upright petals represent valor, faith, and wisdom

Lily – You have made my life complete

Lisianthus – Appreciation

Orchids – Pure affection

Peony – An omen of good fortune and a happy marriage

Ranunculus – I am dazzled by your charm.

Stock – happy life and contented existence

Sweet pea – blissful pleasure

Sunflower – conveys warmth and happiness

Tulip – Elegance and grace

Lavender Lisianthus
Blue Delphinium
Purple Stock
Peach Carnations

Orange Ranunculus

Red Roses
White Lilies
Yellow and White Mums
Pink Asters
Tulips, Iris, and Alstromeria
Thanks to Ron DLutz Photography for many of these photos.

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