Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Suzanne & Matt - Fabulous Fall!

Suzanne and Matt were planning to celebrate their marriage at the beautiful Hotel Fiesole in Skippack. Suzanne wanted a primarily orange fall themed wedding and I think the two of us were able to achieve her intentions. Suzanne had some wonderful ideas and carried them through with style. Just check out her gorgeous photos! A big thank you to Kay Lim, Suzanne's very talented photographer, for sharing her pictures with me. They're wonderful! Suzanne looked absolutely stunning in her bridal photo. She's carrying a beautiful bouquet of two dozen mango calla lilies.
I always add a little heart to my bride's bouquets. It's just a little thing I do to symbolize the love that surrounds the bride and groom at their wedding.
We also used mango calla lilies in Suzanne's attendant's bouquet along with roses.
I made two Fall ceremony arrangements for Suzanne and Matt using some more unusual flowers including kangaroo paw, crocosmia, pods, dried eucalyptus, and lilies. The orange really stands out!
Down the aisle leading to the ceremony area Suzanne lined up pumpkins and fresh mum plants. Such a nice touch!
I made several small cocktail table arrangements in bright orange vases for the trolley car on the premises. They were filled with spray roses, alstromeria, and hypericum berries.
Suzanne chose to set up a memorial table on the library table honoring their loved ones. I filled a basket with Fall flowers around which Suzanne sat framed photographs.
I created this arrangement for the favor table. There are river rocks and birch branches inside the glass with an array of brightly colored Fall flowers on the top along with the tops of the branches.
I made two types of centerpieces with Suzanne's metal pumpkins. Ironically, I have just about the same pumpkins that I rent out. So it's true - great minds do think alike! We worked inside the pumpkins on half the tables and outside the pumpkins on the other half. And Suzanne made the cute pumpkin candles. I have the candle carver available to brides that work with me by the way.
Suzanne ordered these adorable Bride & Groom signs for their chairs. Love it!

Thank you Suzanne for your creativity and attention to detail. It was such a pleasure to work with you.  I wish the very best to Matt and you!

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