Sunday, December 2, 2012

Ideas I Love - Heat vs. Gerbera

 Gerber daisies are not a very hardy flower. Their stems are like tubes thus they don't retain water very well and are subject to droopy heads. Most f the time I have to wire them or use gerber straws to make sure they stand up straight. So when a bride LOVES gerber daises and wants to use them to decorate outside for her wedding - in August - what do you do?
You use fun faux gerber daisies and not worry about the drooping in the heat. Denine was using such bright wonderful colors that the substitutes worked perfectly outside.  I also tied them to the sides of the chairs on the aisle.  And finally, I bought oversized faux gerbers and scattered them in the grass instead of rose petals which would have turned brown in the heat anyway.

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