Monday, June 4, 2012

Aislinn & Scott - Cherry Blossom time

When I first met with Aislinn she told me that she wanted to use cherry blossoms all over her wedding. "No problem", I said. "Your wedding is in April, prime cherry blossom time." But little did we know that Spring was going to happen so early this year and everything around us bloomed so early too! My cherry blossoms at home were done early in April! Thankfully my supplier put a bunch of cherry blossom branches aside for Aislinn weeks ahead of her wedding so we'd be sure to have them. Thankfully they held up in their cold room because there were no more to be had at the time of Aislinn's wedding. I was sweating that one out. I hate to disappoint a bride when it's Mother Nature's fault! So Aislinn was able to have her cherry blossom wedding as promised. The bride's bouquet was made up of ivory roses with a few pale pink roses scattered throughout the bouquet. I placed pearls inside the pink roses. Scott's boutonniere was made up of the same ivory rose.

  Aislinn loves Baby's Breath so I used it wherever I could, including in her attendant's bouquet along with tulips and pink roses. The best man wore a matching pink rose boutonniere.

Since cherry blossoms were the theme of this wedding, naturally they had a seat of honor on the placecard table. I added hydrangea, acrylics, and rose petals to complete the piece.
I was so excited that I had a vase with cherry blossom branches on it - and a bluebird - to fill with flowers for Aislinn's gift table.  It made a nice memento for her to keep.

Some of the centerpieces on the tables were done in glass squares and filled with pink tulips, Malibu roses, carnations, and pink mums.  Love Spring flowers!
Using the same roses, although this time submerged, white tulips with Baby's Breath, and cherry  blossom branches, I tablescaped the rest of the guest tables.  The technique uses similar although different containers, each containing one type of flower.   I find it a bit more interesting when the tables are not all the same.
Mazel Tov to Aislinn and Scott. May you celebrate many happy years together.

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