Monday, August 29, 2011

Nina & Adam - MD's in the Making (Marvelous Doctors)

I worked with Nina's wonderful parents, Nina, and Adam for this lovely wedding at Joseph Ambler Inn. We put our heads together and came up with a lot of "doctor" related ideas. Since Nina and Adam are in med school in Missouri, I had a lot of contact with Mr. and Mrs. Salinger who were lovely people and a pleasure to work with. Nina wanted to add a lot of personal touches to her wedding as described in my blog below. She didn't want her reception to look too formal but vibrating with color. I believe that her color palette of red, yellow, and blue, did just that.
Nina carried a bouquet made up of sunflowers and red dahlias. She wanted to be the only one with a touch of orange in her flowers, so I added Goldy mini gerber daisies. I also made a comb of yellow spray roses that Nina wore in her hair to anchor her veil.

The bridesmaids' bouquets of mini sunflowers and red cockscomb looked wonderful against their lovely red dresses.

The flower girl carried a basket of mixed yellow and red flowers. I added streamers that matched those on Nina's bouquet.
Adam's boutonniere consisted of yellow spray roses and red cockscomb.
Groomsmen wore bouts of yellow mums and red cockscomb.

Moms wore white pearled bracelets with white spray roses and a red ribbon accent.
White was the primary color used at the synagogue. Up the poles of the chuppah I used fresh garland with white carnations. On the aisles, I placed white hydrangea hung with white bows and streamers.

Red and yellow gerber daisies were placed in blue test tube holders for the cocktail tables. Perfect for med students, yes?

I love the two long mirror ledges at JAI and have always brought something to place on them. In this case, since sunflowers are Nina's favorites, we used them in double-sided seated vases. I love how the candlelight and the flowers reflect in the mirrors.

Since she was a little girl, Nina traditionally made the placecards for all guests at all the holidays celebrated in the Salinger home. How was she not going to do this for her wedding? And she did a lovely job too. On the table, I added a large arrangement of "gardeny" flowers in her color scheme of yellow, blue, and red. Sitting across from this table was the sign in book - which was a pharmaceutical register signed with pens from various drug companies. Cute or what?

As many brides are doing these days, Nina and Adam sat at a guest table with their friends. When this is the case, I like to differentiate the seats of the bride and groom. For this couple, I tied sunflowers onto their chairs with bright red ribbon.
I made three different centerpieces for the tables. Each vase was filled with small rocks and shells that were brought back from Israel,which is very important to the whole family. I added some blue marbles to echo the blue flowers. Each vase was filled with a different red and yellow flower plus blue cornflowers. And if you look closely, you'll notice that the tables are named after diseases or molecules. That's because Nina is going to be a medical doctor and Adam is going into research. The banquet manager assured me that he'd never seen this at JAI before. There's a first time for everything and I was overjoyed to be a part of it!

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