Monday, February 1, 2010

Odds & Ends - All kinds of flowers!

Hello! I'm finally back to my blog - and work - after a wonderful holiday season. I've been spending some of my time making arrangements for parties and various offices. Here are some of the random arrangements I have created in the past few weeks. Enjoy!

I created a bright, cheerful arrangement of orange gerbers, Circus roses, and solidago in a vase filled with yellow acrylics as a centerpiece for a buffet dinner party. I think of it as sunshine on a snowy day!

The blue vase is filled with a wintery mix of blue delphinum, white roses, crystal beading, white branches, snowflakes, and baby's breath (which reminds me of snow) that I put together for a party in January.

A green whimsical flower arrangement I made for an accounting office's waiting room. There are pictures of money on the container that I made.

We all need boots in this sloppy weather. This was another arrangement I recently made for one of my office reception areas.

I had a luncheon at my home for 34 of my high school friends - some of whom I haven't seen in 40 years. Since our school colors were orange and black, I made this fun piece for the food laden buffet tables.

I provided centerpieces made up of red roses, white hydrangea, black birch branches and a mix of red, white, and black marbles for a surprise 70th birthday party at Maggianos. Thanks to Pete Malone for his wonderful centerpiece shot.

Jess and Jenn never had formal wedding pictures taken. As a surprise for their 5th anniversary, Jess "took care of everything" and organized Jenn's vendor friends to make it happen. I was thrilled to provide the beautiful Jenn with her wintery bouquet and Jess with his matching boutonniere. Joy Moody took the gorgeous pictures for this event. I'll post more of Joy's beautiful work soon.

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