Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Corsages - New and Improved

Corsages used to bring to mind a large purple orchid pinned to your grandmother's chest. Not anymore! Corsages are now considered body art and can even be made on the back of a band-aid to decorate one's shoulder, chest, or ankle. Wrist corsages are now made on bracelets of wire, ribbon, crystals or pearls. Check out for all the new styles available. Florists are also adding feathers, sequins, rhinestones and bling of all kinds to their corsages. Recently, I made a corsage as a surprise from Jodi's mom to her for her bridal shower. After all, Jodi was the guest of honor. I used the same orchid that I am going to showcase in Jodi's bridal bouquet. And then we had some fun by adding feathers and a sequined bracelet. Here are some other examples of what can be done for a wedding, prom, graduation, or any time you need a special something for a special someone.

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