Sunday, July 14, 2013

A sentimental idea for a bride’s bouquet is to use just a combination of flowers from her birthday month and his birthday month.  Or just tuck a few stems of a particular flower or leaf into your bouquet.  Another variation would be to make up each bridesmaids' bouquet out of her birthday flowers.  The color palette may not be perfect, but the idea sure does add a personal touch. Here’s a list of appropriate bouquet choices for each month:

January:  Carnation - Standard and mini come in a ton of colors.  The Moon carnations are four gorgeous shades of purple. Peach carnations, white lisianthus, and mini green hydrangea in the bouquet below.

February:  Iris - Iris are available all year round.  White, yellow, light blue, dark blue, and purpleThese are not the large iris known as "flags" grown in many gardens, but smaller iris often called Japanese iris.    Purple iris and pink chenille in a fun bouquet for a flower girl.

March:  Daffodil - Yellow or white (narcissus)

April:  Sweet Pea or Daisy - Sweet peas come in pastels while daisies come in some brighter shades as well as white. Daisies, mums, and carnations make up this bridesmaid's bouquet.

May:  Lily of the Valley or any type of Lily  Lily of the Valley has a very short season and are extremely expensive.  Other types of lilies include Asian, Hybrid, calla, and foxtail.   Gorgeous mango calla lilies for this bride. .

June:  Rose  - Unending choices! A bouquet with two shades of pink roses.. Thanks Ron DLutz Photography!

July:  Larkspur or Delphinium - tall flowers in pinks, white, purple, lavender, light blue, and dark blueDark blue delphinium and white spray roses in this bouquet. Thank you Ron DLutz.

August:  Gladiolus - Lots of colors.  Instead of using the entire stalk, a bouquet can be made from the individual florets on the stem.

September:  Aster - Several types and colors are available. The bright pink asters are mixed with other flowers in this bright bouquet. Once again thanks to Ron DLutz.

October: Marigold or Cosmos  Marigolds have a strong scent so be careful here if you're sensitive to that.  Cosmos come in shades of pink, white and brown known as chocolate cosmos.  White, pink, and chocolate cosmos mixed with Baby's Breath make up this delicate bouquet.

November:  Chrysanthemum - A wide variety of varieties, sizes and colors. A rounded bouquet of yellow and white mums.   Another Ron DLutz photo.

December:  Poinsettia or Holly  Poinsettia do not hold up well.  but you could certainly tuck in some holly among your flowers.

Any questions?  Feel free to contact me and I can help you design your birthday bouquet!

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