Monday, October 8, 2012

Ideas I Love: Fur Babies

Wedding guests enjoy looking at photos whether they are childhood photos of the couple or family/friends' wedding photos. So many brides have pets that mean the world to them and feel they deserve a place of honor at their wedding. This is how two of my couples shared their love of their fur babies.
Cairnwood Mansion has several nice areas to display framed photos. Natalie used one mantle for family wedding portraits; another for photos of the two of them; and this one for their cat. As an animal lover I can appreciate this lovable idea.

I need to give equal time to doggie fur babies. As you can see, this couple displayed photos of their dog. This time also at Cairnwood, I added an arrangement of flowers made in a ceramic dog bowl. And it you look closely, I scattered dog bone shaped treats throughout the flowers. Love it!!!

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