Saturday, April 9, 2011

Corey's Baby Shower - Rubber Duckie you're the one!

Corey and JC collect small rubber duckies. Naturally, I thought this was the perfect theme for her baby shower at Columbia Station in Phoenixville. I had a blast shopping for duckie goodies prior to the shower. Most of the gifts that we gave her had a duck theme too - duck towels, duck pjs, duck toys, duck bathrobe, duck bibs, duck bottles, etc. . Barbara and I had so much fun preparing for this party and Jackson's arrival.

The large welcoming doors to Columbia Station look wonderful with some type of wreaths on them. I always suggest this to my brides who are having their weddings there. For Corey, I made two large blue and yellow Spring wreaths to go with her color palette.

After entering the doors to Columbia Station, a cuddly duck pointed the way to the party room.

I admit that I get a little crazy, but I like flowers in the Ladies room. I decorated a cylinder with a rubber duckie and filled it with yellow gerber daisies.

I used two types of centerpieces and only one type's photo came out. Corey's favorite flowers are gerber daisies. So I painted a duck on the bowls and filled them with gerbera. I bought all sorts of little yellow ducks and surrounded the bowls with them. Favors - which were cookie ducks made by my friend Ellen Perla - were placed on the blue napkins at each guest's place.

I filled two hurricane vases with silk Spring flowers and baby ducks for the buffet table. The food was absolutely scrumptious and the service was wonderful. I highly recommend Robert Ryan Caterers.

I found a guestbook with a duck on it as well as a pen with a duck head that "quacked". I'm keeping that for myself. I also failed to take a photo of the "duck" tablecloth I found for the gift table. It wasn't revealed until the pile of gifts were all opened by Corey. Guests played gift Bingo while she was doing this. Prizes were Rubber Duckies made of soap!

Two bouquets of blue flowers flanked the entrance. And balloons were placed in each of the high windows in the party room too. In the hallway, on the credenza, I had a print of rubber duckies displayed as well as a hand-made bear and a very large rubber duck that I found on vacation. My picture turned out too dark to share.

We decorated Corey's Chair of Honor with a large yellow bow and blue daisies.

The shower ended with everyone being served this wonderful duck cake made by Ellen Perla. She does beautiful work! I also had an adorable mother duckie carrying her 3 babies on this table.

I had a lovely time with my daughter and all the wonderful ladies who attended. Now, I'm ready to be a Mom-mom!

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