Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Centerpieces for the DEC Christmas Party

This year Whimsical Welcomes was honored to donate the centerpieces for the Christmas luncheon at Marjeanes for the workers (and their families) from the Developmental Enterprises Corp. - North Penn Training Center. I'd like to introduce you to Bill, a member of our family - who used to work at that workshop, but always attends the party with Glenn's Aunt Carolyn. A good time was had by all. Next year I hope to be able to attend the party too, if I don't have another wedding to prep for. I hear the DJ rocked and everybody loved the dancing! I thought you might enjoy seeing some of the arrangements that we made for the party.

This is a red sleigh that I filled with flowers so that Bill could bring a little bit of Christmas back to his group home.

Several people had given me a variety of baskets. I painted them all red and then decorated each of them differently with ribbon and all sorts of cute decorations - presents, sleds, sparkle.... Each basket was later filled with a variety of winter greens and flowers. We had a great time making these for the party.

I couldn't have taken on this project without the help of Sue L. - who helped me decorate and deliver all of the baskets - and Kathy F. - who helped me arrange all of the flowers. The centerpieces were given away as prizes. It was so much fun that we're definitely going to do it again next year!

And finally, an arrangement that I made for Glenn's Aunt Carolyn, as a gift, that sat on the gift table. Happy Holidays everyone!

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