Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fiesta time - Mexican themed party

I was asked to provide some brightly colored flower arrangements suitable for a Mexican food themed party. I thought that pinatas would make wonderful containers. So I very carefully lined them and then filled them with flowers instead of candy. I love the results and flowers are much less fattening! The bull pinata centerpiece also had attached streamers, which I had strewn across the table with confetti for added color.

The donkey pinata was filled with sunflowers, red monarda, and orange gerber daisies. I scattered brightly colored confetti around the legs.

Under all of these flowers, is a sombrero. It's the kind that can be used for chips and dip. I filled the base with lots of hydrangea and then inserted colorful flowers into the hydrangea and again into the crown of the "hat".

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Emily Cann said...

These are amazing! Great work. I had to show all of my followers your amazing work.