Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lauren & Ryan - Many shades of Red Roses

Lauren's ceremony and reception took place at Manor House in Horsham. On that day, I had the good fortune to work with Jennifer O'Neil, who I consider to be the best banquet manager that they have there. She is a total sweetheart and Lauren was thrilled with her too. Lauren and I put in a lot of time together perfecting her flowers and I think it was well worth it. Lauren and I were both really happy with the outcome.

Lauren wanted a wedding full of red roses to complement her color pallete of red, white, and black. Her bouquet consisted of two shades of red roses, while the bridesmaids carried smaller bunches of just one shade of red rose with touches of white bouvardia. Ryan wore one shade of red rose from Lauren's bouquet, while groomsmen wore the other shade. We also used orchids for the Moms' corsages and calla lilies for the Dads' and Lauren's brother's boutonnieres. Grandmoms wore corsages of spray roses. All of the personal flowers coordinated so beautifully.

There was a threat of rain all day. The skies were black when we finally left. The staff at Manor House set up the ceremony both inside and outside - just in case. We left the ceremony flowers inside as a precaution, but in the end, they were able to have the ceremony outside just as Lauren wanted it. The single rose was one of a pair that Lauren and Ryan would exchange as part of their ceremony. Obviously there is a twin to the arrangement on the other side.

Manor House has so many wonderful places to use flowers. On the entry mantle we used a garland of greens with hydrangea. Inside the hearth, we placed a red glass heart shaped vase of red roses - a taste of things to come.

We had a lot of fun with this placecard table piece. We used lots of ting ting and party pieces along with gerber daisies, hydrangea, trachelium and larkspur.

We repeated the white plus red/white/black gerber daisies in fun curvy vases for the cocktail tables. We also sprinkled some color coordinated confetti on the tables.

Since Lauren loves red roses, we did half of the low pieces with just red roses in cylinders. We wrapped bands of black and white ribbon around the vases and used aspidistra leaves to cover the foam used inside. The "twist" was that each vase of red roses was a different type or shade of red rose. The two here are Latin Lady in one and Red Intuition in the other. We used five other beautiful shades of red roses as well.

The other half of the low centerpieces were masses of white hydrangea in cylinders banded with black and white ribbon. Aspidistra leaves were again used on the insides of the vases. Smaller versions of both types of cylinders were used on the Sweetheart table.
The tall centerpieces consisted of a mix of the white hydrangea and all the shades of the red roses. We tucked a rose into the acrylics in the base of each cylinder.

And of course, the wedding cake was topped off with roses. That's the toss bouquet sitting on the cake table by the way.
I'm writing my blog early this week because we're closing for vacation until July 19th. I'll be back with more pictures in a couple of weeks.

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