Friday, March 27, 2009

Athletic Flower Footwear

There are lots of sports banquets coming up in the Spring. My son was on several sports teams when he was in high school, so I know all about them. We have provided a variety of flower arrangements for several of them at different local high schools. One or our most popular "centerpieces" were our sneaker vases. The sneaker in the picture is ceramic but the "look" is the same when we used real sneakers. We collected old sneakers that were in decent condition and ran them through the washing machine with bleach and then into the dryer. We didn't care if they fit anyone anymore because no one was going to wear them. We secured a plastic pot inside the sneaker and filled it with floral foam. Then we arranged mixed flowers in the foam and they came out looking just like this. It was reported to us that they were a big hit and not one was left behind. It's an easy, cute project for someone to try.

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