Sunday, February 15, 2009

From the Heart on Valentine's Day

Most of you know that the Montgomery County SPCA and the Food Pantry in Schwenksville are charities dear to our hearts. But during Valentine's Day, the patients of Parkhouse, formerly known as Montgomery County Geriatric Center, become our focus. During the year, we collect various containers and then fill them with flowers for Valentine's Day. We want the people who live at this center to know that they are remembered at times other than Christmas. This year we were fortunate to obtain a lot of lace trimmed acrylic hearts that our flower supplier no longer wanted. We added foam, greens, Baby's breath, roses, and a little pink heart and voila - we ended up with a van load of Valentine flower arrrangements that we hope brought pleasure to those that live at this center. Should you or an organization that you belong to, wish to donate your time or gifts for any occasion to Parkhouse, please contact Laura McAlevy, Director of Volunteers, at 610-792-2235. Thank you.

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